6 Free Activities Your Family Can Enjoy While Renting a Cottage

May 1, 2023

According to TrueList, 31% of people said family time is their main goal for travel. If you want to plan a fun bonding trip with your family, what better way than with a cabin rental? Not only will you and the family have fun out in nature, but there are also plenty of free things you can do in and around your cabin together. Read on for some insights on how to enhance your cabin trip.

1. Go Fishing

There are lots of fishing holes in the Wimberley area, so why not consider turning your cabin trip into a fishing trip? You and the family can show off your fishing skills or learn new ones together. It’ll be a great way to experience being near the water, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

2. Go Hiking

You’ll be surrounded by plenty of trees and terrain here in the Texas Hill Country, so take advantage of the surrounding area and go hiking. You and the family can stay in shape while enjoying the scenery.

3. Go Birdwatching

There may be multiple bird species near your cabin. While you and your family are hiking, bring your camera along to capture as many beautiful flying creatures as possible. You may see other cute critters, like foxes, armadillo and deer, along the way as well.

4. Complete a Puzzle

Do you enjoy stimulating your mind? If so, you can bring a large 1000-piece puzzle for your trip. You and your family can have fun spending several nights putting the puzzle together until you finally complete it.

5. Gather Around the Campfire

What’s a good cabin or camping experience without a bonfire? Sit outside and toast some marshmallows or grill the fish you caught earlier. As the sun sets, you can tell spooky stories and enjoy a few refreshing drinks.

6. Have a Jam Session

If someone in your family has musical talent, bring a guitar or other instrument. Have fun playing, singing, and dancing around a campfire or indoors. Music is the universal language, and it’s always fun no matter where you go, especially in a cabin rental.

A cabin vacation is a great alternative to a typical resort or hotel. You and your family can enjoy nature and uninterrupted time together. There’s a whole range of activities to consider, and this list only scratches the surface. Contact RusTx Ranch today for the perfect cabin rental.

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